The Wombats

ADR X GV 7 015

wombats cover v1


The Wombats

Golden Voice Recordings 1966 – 1967

7” color vinyl EP with extensive liner notes and unseen photos.

Originally recorded by Metamora, Illinois garage band The Wombats in 1966, these recordings represent the first tracks laid down at the legendary Golden Voice Recording Co. in the tiny village of South Pekin, IL. Although these songs were intended for release on Golden Voice’s eponymous house label, they were never issued during the band’s lifetime. They remained shelved until they were uncovered earlier this year during research into the history of the studio. This collaboration sees the first official release on the Golden Voice record label since the 1970’s. Unheard for 48 years, this release includes extensive liner notes detailing the history of the group with rare & unseen pictures from the actual sessions.


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